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IMG_0030We are a design studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are odd. We like old things, and small things, and broken things. We design things based on questions in our own minds about why things are the way they are. We take long walks and ponder the world around us. All of our projects are born out of questions and considerations of the world around us. We believe research, communities, families, and the environment are worth investing in. And that everything is not just about spending and consuming.

aRE yOU oDD?

Recent Ponderances:

  • Technology is helpful, but not friendly (What can we do about this?)
  • Diversity and experience breed understanding and innovation. (Embrace the mindset of people you don’t understand)
  • Always question the status quo. (No one should live just to check all the boxes)
  • Live small and sustainably. (Chasing stuff is the death of creativity)
  • Always try to be both a teacher and a student.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to contact/connect with us about design.

instagram: @r_u_odd


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