Project: R.U.Q – What’s Your Atmosphere?

This year we are again participating in New York Design Week as part of  “Judge Me” from the design collective Grouphug. The theme this year is Prejudice and our project, called “What’s Your Atmosphere?” revolves around sexism in the workplace.

“What’s Your Atmosphere?” is a fun, customizable, professional environment visualization tool. It can be used by companies and their employees to examine what their atmosphere is, and how it might impact under represented groups and individuals. The arms of the people are all made of armature wire and can be re-positioned easily to help express body language and physical microaggressions (like man spreading). We just hope people will be inspired to consider how physical traits, body language, and actions can negatively impact other employees and overall company performance.

“Judge Me” is taking place from May 6 -8, 2016 at 160 Orchard Street.


Final product. The whole stage dressed for a big meeting. The project is totally collapsible and rearrangeable with rare earth magnets. Recreate your own work environment. A great way to externalize why situations happen and how to improve communications and participation.


Our little coworkers still in the printer.


Flat packed and ready to go to NYC.


Having a moment, get me outta here!


Who are you listening to?

photo 2

In process shot. It’s all super glue and magnets.



A little behind the scenes product photography.


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